Adda river

A tour

A spectacular river that runs through a territory rich in natural landscapes and breathtaking views, where you can find mountains, castles, churches, factories, workshops, and engineering works.

The Adda River originates at Monte Ferro, and from the Rhaetian Alps. It crosses the Valtellina valley, flows into Lake Como, out through the lake of Lecco and reaches the Po Valley, where it merges with the Po River. The Adda River is the Po’s longest tributary and is the fourth longest river in Italy. It crosses eight provinces, including Bergamo.

The section between Lecco and Cassano d’Adda is particulary rich in historical places of interest, as well as scenic and cultural attractions.

Adda River has inspired many artists, including Alessandro Manzoni, who celebrates it in The Betrothed.

If you switch from literature to painting, Leonardo da Vinci becomes the protagonist. The Florentine genius lived near the Adda river for a few years. In addition to leaving behind drawings and studies on “the waters”, there are many experts who believe the Adda River and some of its environs were an important part of the background in some of his famous paintings, such as The Virgin of the Rocks.

The banks of the Adda have always hosted windmills, waterwheels, branch ducts, and factories powered by water. Even today, along its route, you can find signs, more or less evident, of these activities. With industrialisation and the need for electricity, many hydroelectric plants of great charm, some still working, were created.

Along this part of the river, you can find remains of societies fought to rule the most strategic locations: river crossings, ports, high grounds, irrigation canals.

Along the banks of the Adda River, you can find castles such as the one in Vercurago, typically considered to be the home of the “Innominato” in The Betrothed by Alessandro Manzoni. There are also castles in Brivio, Trezzo sull’Adda and Cassano d’Adda.