In bici

By bike

Bicycle is one of the best ways to enjoy the natural beauty and cultural points of interest in the area.

The towpath which runs parallel to the Adda and connects Milan to Lecco is rich in natural and cultural treasures.

Along the way, there is a large network of trails and bike paths that allow you to follow routes with different degrees of difficulty and, if you prefer, explore only short sections.

The trails allow you to pass through ancient forests, climb hills with a beautiful view, or find corners where you can contemplate the passage of the placid waters of Adda River. You can stop to visit castles or historical industrial sites, such as mills and hydroelectric plants.

The paths are mostly gravel, but at certain points they are covered with asphalt. You need to use a mountain bike or a bike with wheels that can manage rocks and holes. Due to rain or wind, there may be some low-hanging branches, making it necessary to walk your bike at certain points.