Daniele Crespi

Daniele was born on 27 April 1878, ten years after his brother Silvio, and just a few months before the start up of production in the factory. He received a degree in industrial chemistry at a young age, a specialty that was useful in his father’s workshop, particularly in the development of processes such as mercerising and bleaching.

Later, Silvio put Daniele in charge of the new dye department. Daniele sought innovative methods worthy of the family whose nickname, “Tengitt”, meant “dyers” in the local dialect.

In 1908, he became a Member of Parliament, an office he held for two terms.

Both Cristoforo and Silvio loved art, the good life, the company of important people and society parties. Daniele shared these passions, but also loved gambling, fast cars, and in particular, taking risks on the stock market and in business. Cristoforo covered Daniele’s losses using company funds on many occasions, eventually causing serious financial difficulties for the company.

Silvio also tried to help his brother after he had created a canned food company that quickly went bankrupt. However, when he finally realised that Daniele’s problems could ruin the factory and the village, he divided the inheritance and removed Daniele from the family business.

After his downfall, Daniele threatened to commit suicide.

However, he decided to redeem himself and when World War I broke out, he volunteered with the Alpine troops. He earned several medals in action, reaching the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. At the end of the war, he became a backer of the National Association of Alpine Troops.

The injuries he sustained plagued him for the remainder of his life, and forced him to take long, restful holidays in Valmalenco, in the province of Sondrio, where he died on 20 February 1944.