Parish priest

Cristoforo and Silvio Crespi understood the importance of building a church for the village and endowing it with an important social role. The church was opened in 1893 and was part of the Capriate parish. Initially, mass was celebrated by Carmelite priests from nearby Concesa, but in 1896 the church was assigned its own priest.

Silvio Crespi asked the Curia for a well-educated and highly tactful priest, and stated that he intended to pay his salary and provide lodging. Hence, the priest of Crespi d’Adda was an employee of the factory’s owner, and was asked to guide the religious and moral life of the village so that the factory and village flourished.

Religious festivals were celebrated with due solemnity and often the wives of the Crespi family assisted in the preparations. These events, as well as other aspects of social life, were seen as a way of creating a common identity for the inhabitants.

It was only in 1925 that the Bishop of Bergamo placed a parish vicar at Crespi. Baptisms, funerals, weddings and confirmations were celebrated. It became a separate parish in 1983.