Theme parks

Minitalia Leolandia - Capriate San Gervasio

An amusement park famous for its miniature version of the Italian peninsula. It offers no less than 38 attractions and has become the fourth largest amusement park in Italy. The miniaturised version of Italy remains an essential characteristic of the park, but to visitors today it is primarily known for its rides.

The Cornelle Animal Park – Valbrembo
The Cornelle Animal Park extends itself over a surface of 126,000 sq. mt and hosts 120 species of mammals, birds and reptiles.

The structures follow the most recent European trends regarding animal wellbeing, ensuring that each species has a life as close as possible to that in the wild, in terms of socialisation, spaces and stimuli that are most compatible with animal and visitor safety.

The Tower of the Sun astronomical park - Brembate Sopra

The Tower of the Sun is one of the most complete astronomical parks in Italy. It aims to make astronomical science as accessible as possible, by promoting educational activities with a focus on audience involvement.

Adventure park – Roncola
ParcoAvventura is an extraordinary physical experience. You will be suspended between trees, you will walk on wooden walkways, Tibetan bridges and suspended tree trunks. You will experience courage, self-confidence, solidarity with others, fun, respect for rules, all in complete safety and with respect for nature.