Visit responsibly

Crespi d’Adda is a real village, and the people who live there have the same needs as anyone else. At the same time, it is unique . Its structure and its history make it a tourist and cultural attraction.

Like all tourist sites , Crespi d’Adda needs the care of those who visit it. In fact, it requires even greater care, because, unlike many other places, it is still a populated town.

The houses, which are one of the village’s attractions, should therefore be approached respectfully, to avoid disturbing the residents.

The pinewood, which is a lovely rest area for visitors to Crespi, should be left in order, and trash should be properly disposed of or taken away.

The cemetery is an even more sensitive area. As one of the most famous and fascinating sites in the company town, it is often treated as a monument like the other sites. However, it is a space dedicated to memory and recollection, and it must be approached carefully so as not to disturb those paying their respects to the departed buried there. Hence, playing, camping or shouting close to or inside the cemetery must be avoided.

These are a few simple, though essential guidelines, to facilitate the coexistence of those who live in Crespi and its many visitors.